ʻOno for Pono About the Team

About the Team

ʻOno For Pono is a side-gig hobby to bring our excitement and enthusiasm for local food to everyone in Hawaiʻi. None of us are experts, but we’re passionate and have good hook-ups with people who are.

Kris Bordessa – author of Attainable Sustainable by National Geographic Books and webmaster of a blog with the same name. The vegetable lady. Āhualoa, Moku o Keawe.

Brad Bordessa – ʻUkulele musician and creatorof Live ʻUkulele. The “let’s grow more carbs” dude. Āhualoa, Moku o Keawe.

Lisa DeSantis – Food rescue coordinator at Kōkua Harvest and community health systems facilitator. The value-added idea lady.

Nāpua Wang – UH Mānoa art program graduate and visual experiment mind-bender. The “probably doesn’t grow anything herself, but knows what’s good and is a killer artist” lady.